Tygodnik Rodzin Katolickich „Źródło”
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 18/3
30-074 Kraków

Sekretariat: 12 423-22-57
Redakcja: 12 421-75-49
Prenumerata: 12 422-74-18

About Us

In January 2018 the weekly Magazine of Catholic families „Źródło” began the twenty sixth year of being launched.

The readers received the first number of the magazine on 5th of January 1992. From the beginning of 1996 year the magazine includes 32 pages of print and coloured photos. The articles cover the issues of Christian and patriotic growing up in a family.

The articles are addressed to parents and the young as well. The important matters connected with the life of The Church and the fatherland in historical and every day life aspects are risen in the magazine. It is completed by church (on local, country and world level), political and social news.

The magazine is approved by The Church authority (two priests are in charge of an editorial assistance).