Tygodnik Rodzin Katolickich „Źródło”
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 18/3
30-074 Kraków

Sekretariat: 12 423-22-57
Redakcja: 12 421-75-49
Prenumerata: 12 422-74-18

About Us

In Janu­ary 2018 the weekly Maga­zi­ne of Catho­lic fami­lies „Źró­dło” began the twen­ty eight year of being laun­ched.

The readers rece­ived the first num­ber of the maga­zi­ne on 5th of Janu­ary 1992. From the begin­ning of 1996 year the maga­zi­ne inc­lu­des 32 pages of print and colo­ured pho­tos. The artic­les cover the issu­es of Chri­stian and patrio­tic gro­wing up in a fami­ly.

The artic­les are addres­sed to parents and the young as well. The impor­tant mat­ters con­nec­ted with the life of The Church and the father­land in histo­ri­cal and eve­ry day life aspects are risen in the maga­zi­ne. It is com­ple­ted by church (on local, coun­try and world level), poli­ti­cal and social news.

The maga­zi­ne is appro­ved by The Church autho­ri­ty (two prie­sts are in char­ge of an edi­to­rial assi­stan­ce).